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    Hindustan National Glass & Industries Limited

    Hindustan National Glass & Industries Limited (HNGL)

    About Hindustan National Glass

    HNG was founded by Mr C K Somany in 1946 following the commissioning of India’s first fully automated glass manufacturing plant at Rishra (near Kolkata). At present, it is the key player in India’s container glass industry with a pan India presence and its plants located at Rishra, Bahadurgarh, Rishikesh, Neemrana, Nashik and Puducherry. HNG has captured a large share of the Indian market and also has an increasingly satisfied client base in more than 23 countries.  


    To create a social media engagement strategy to reach the target audience.
    To create a distinctive placement of their products in the minds of potential customers.
    To create awareness about sustainable food packaging products (glass), simultaneously promote the ethos of the company.

     Analysis of Hindustan National Glass

    We analyzed the whole digital presence, company’s policies, website and all marketing aspects and strategized a yearlong digital plan based on both internal and external factors.

    We analyzed the company’s core strengths and took advantage of them.
    We also did a reality check and pointed out the elements where the company were lagging behind the competitors.
    We analyzed the future prospect, pros and cons of our planned campaigns. 
    We finally analyzed the negative effects that might arise around the business in the short term.


    The first challenge we faced was the development of a new website. We blended dynamic Content Management System (CMS) technology with an extremely versatile design.
    The client provided us with lots of raw content. We refurbished the content and made it into SEO friendly content.
    We also regularly posted blogs and cross-promotion to different social media.

    Social Media Campaigns

    We primarily work on engagement campaigns along with like, reach, traffic and video views.
    We crafted engaging creatives, short videos to engage people, generate views and clicks.
    We created original content, personalized promotions aimed at the target audience, prospect profiling, product development based on social media insights and developed a communication strategy.
    Some of the relevant KPIs are community performance, community progression, the share of community voices, share of voice by channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter).
    Social visits through the website and blogs.


    In 9 months’ period of time, we have not only successfully achieved a large audience but also achieved a positive community progression.

    Audience Reach = 17.5 Million
    Audience Engagement = 4.5 Million
    Video View = 3 Million

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