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Video Marketing - YouTube And Social Media Promotion

YouTube is no more an entertaining video platform for cute cat videos. It is a world in itself, a source of innumerable entertaining and educational content, but over the years it has been claimed as a quintessential marketing tool for digital marketers. One-quarter of internet users spend 10 hours or more watching videos. In the latest report in 2021, the platform has gained more than two billion active users worldwide. YouTube is the internet's second-largest search engine and it can help to improve overall SEO and branding. 

Marketers try different means of digital marketing promotions through YouTube. In fact, a recent study tells us that more than half of marketers (55%) use YouTube as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Let's find the best YouTube video marketing campaigns guidelines and tips in the next sections.

Type of YouTube Videos 

1. Explainer Video

Explainer videos or tutorial videos primarily focus on explaining things to people such as product reviews, unboxing products, educational tutorials and others. These videos should be very detailed and thoughtfully made.

2. On-Demand Demonstration Videos

Demonstrations are videos that explain the use of a particular product or service.

3. Customer Testimonials Videos

Customer testimonials are very useful videos that every successful brand should film at some point. These are short interview-like video clips where customers are filmed to express their satisfaction with the produce/service.

4. Case Studies and Project Review Videos

If you have a successful campaign or great reviews of one of your services or products, you can create a case study on that. The purpose is the share the positive results with the potential clients and turns them into customers.

5. Thought Leader Interviews

Thought leader YouTube interviews are high-quality interview videos with experts of your niche with the sole purpose of increasing the credibility of your brand.

6. Video Blogs

Video blogs or vlogs are frequently posted videos documenting some events such as travelling, shows, trade fairs and others.

7. YouTube Live

YouTube Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live to your subscribers. 

Video Making – The Script of Your Videos

Once you choose what type of videos you are going to make, you now need to carefully craft your script. Before you start filming, you need to make a sure couple of things that the video will provide value.

Your goal for making the video

You want many goals to be achieved through your video, but the key to success is a singular goal. If you focus on a single goal in mind, it will prevent tackling different things at one time, which is the best marketing practice there. 

Create the story

·  A-frame for each scene
· A short description for each of the scenes
· The lines for each of the scenes
· Camera directions and details for the shooting.

The extra elements

If you want to add extra elements of multimedia, graphics etc. you need to incorporate them in your script. 

The length of the video

Videos under 2 minutes have the highest degree of audience engagement on YouTube, but then again it comes to the point of your goal. The goal determines what type and how long you want to deliver the message.


Editing a video will take the most time, and you should give more and more time for editing. If you want a video with a more professional look, then use some advanced software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X.

High-quality sound effects are probably the differentiating factor between a professional shot and an amateur one on a low budget.

Marketing YouTube Videos

Now your video is filmed, beautifully edited, SEO optimized and finally uploaded to your YouTube channel, the next thing you need to know is how to promote it on different channels.

Social media sharing of your YouTube media

Sharing your video to your social media pages is the simplest form of promotion. But keep in mind that sharing the video alone is not a good marketing strategy. You need people to watch and engage, so when you share a video, also think about why you created the video in the first place. Was it a tutorial then share your video as a response to questions on social media. Was a part of some trend or a social campaign, then do not forget to use #hashtags to ensure that your video is a part of a conversation.


Cross-promotion of your video is the best way to reach a large number of people. If you have a website or even a blog, then it is a perfect platform to promote your video. If you write a review, case study or simply a blog post, do a small video to complement the story. It will not only increase your views but also dramatically decreases your bounce rate.


When you have a sufficient number of videos, send an email newsletter with helpful information and video to encourage your existing customers to engage with your videos. If you don’t want to send them a video link, then you can also send them a blog post link where they will be aware of your video channel.


The solution is sometimes in someone else’s hands. You can create a collaboration with another channel with moderately good subscribers and viewers. This is not just bringing more engagement; it will help you greatly to expand your name.