This was the first time that IIT Kharagpur set up a stall at the fair.

The forty-second International Kolkata Book Fair which was held between 31st January and 12th February, 2018 was a new experience for Team Cygnus, and thanks go to IIT Kharagpur where we got the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in many aspects of fair management.

The fortnight long event saw us perform our roles as designers, fabricating the stall, production of a multiple number of publications and hospitality.

A neatly designed stall with attractively illuminated exterior, showcased path-breaking work that the Institute’s SANDHI, (Science and Heritage Initiative) had been conducting for the last few years. The visitors had a great opportunity to move on a heritage trail of the country with an opportunity to comprehend its scientific moorings. Prof Joy Sen, head of architecture department of the Institute, who spearheads this extraordinary initiative was ever attentive to explain the correlation between science and heritage.

The Fair also saw the release of Prof Sen’s book titled ‘Sindhu Hote Sayan’ which was an instant hit amongst children, students and adults who visited the stall with a huge footfall during the fortnight.

Cygnus takes pride to be associated with SANDHI from its very inception. The façade of the Fair Stall reminded one the gates of Sanchi Stupa. Simple motifs with back-lit effects were added attraction. A central installation inside the stall depicted in a very simple and yet attractive manner the ‘Sun-Universe and Cycle of Six Seasons’. A reaffirmation of Art and Technology!

We have no words to express our gratitude to Prof Joy Sen who has been a constant source of encouragement to us.

This story will remain incomplete unless we acknowledge the contribution made by all these individuals from Team SANDHI – Deepanjan Saha, Dipanjan Nag, Arpan Paul, Mouli Majumdar, Tanima Bhattacharya, Tushar Kanti Saha, Apala Sarkar Ghosh, Utsav Putatunda, Hirak Chowdhury, Suparna Dasgupta, Shivangi Singh Parmar, Rituparna Das and other members of the team who worked endlessly to make this event a grand success.