Two more Prestigious Events just enriched our Event Calendar recently

One for IIT Kharagpur and the other for IIT Guwahati.

Come winter, it’s time to confer, time to deliberate and how can Cygnus be away!

The recent two big ticket events, though slated at two locations – Kolkata and Guwahati, kept Cygnus busy.

A Workshop on ‘Big Data for Better Governance’ jointly organized by IIT, Kharagpur and Office of the Deputy British High Commission, Kolkata called for meticulous planning and providing all that one needs to make such Seminars run flawlessly. This meant providing not only all the equipment that you need at a symposium but all the communication material ensuring but ensuring the supply of the support collateral.

The second event, an International Conference on Vibration Problems, being hosted by IIT Guwahati on 29th November 2017.

This was a unique demonstration of perfect coordination between our newly opened Guwahati Office and Kolkata main office both in terms of concept development, designing and at site execution.