Cygnus now offers a new service – office décor!

Today Cygnus is truly a one stop solution shop when it comes to communication related assignments. For any of us if the first impression is the lasting impression then the environment of an office or an institute is as important as its other forms of communication.

Office décor here, plays a very important role and many a client of ours often has felt this need. Our recent assignment for the Continuing Education Centre, IIT Kharagpur in this aspect has given us the confidence to add this service to all who need to rethink about their office décor.

Cygnus has transformed the Lobby of the Centre, not only with an attractive Entry Signage but adding Panels that cover the walls with glittering panorama of the Institute.The entire area has been judiciously divided to depict the various milestones of the Institute and the legacy that it inherited. On top of these panels is a magnificent work of art hand crafted in relief on fibreglass to depict the skyline of IIT Kharagpur campus today with its landmark buildings and edifices.

Aesthetically designed and fabricated, the ‘wall of fame’ depicts the luminaries who have taken the Centre to newer heights year by year.

Our special thanks go to Prof. Adrijit Goswami, Prof. Swagata Dasgputa and Mrs Shampa Goswami, without whose constant guidance and co-operation the task could not have been accomplished.