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  • Cygnus makes its presence felt at Kolkata International Book Fair!

    Like the previous years, Team Cygnus was assigned with the prestigious task of Installation of a Pavilion for SandHI, a Science and Heritage Initiative and National Digital Library of India under the aegis of IIT Kharagpur to set up the respective stalls. The outstanding designs of the SandHI stalls with vibrant colours and judicious use of geometric forms with the interior space loaded with information was a big attraction pulling huge number of visitors every day. At the SandHI stall t...View more

  • Cygnus creates waves in web development for IIM Amritsar

    Cygnus Advertising starts 2020 with a bang! IIM Amritsar, one of the premiere institutions for management studies and education in India, had recently entrusted Cygnus with the challenging task of creating a website for the Institute. Designed on a contemporary theme incorporating script based effects and animation, the website is eye catching and seamless to navigate. A fully functional and dynamic portal, it will handle end-to-end solutions on admission, student profile management, forth...View more

  • Cygnus breaks boundaries for designing and production of ‘Lignite Atlas of India!

    Our professional reputation for quality deliveries has spread far and wide, even crossing many boundaries. No wonder, when NLC India Ltd (formerly Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited) decided for the first time to bring out a prestigious publication, one of its kind ‘The Lignite Atlas of India’, a team travelled all the way from Neyveli, Tamilnadu. The result was a landmark Coffee Table publication, superbly designed with perfection in every aspect of printing production. Gold embossing on a...View more

  • At Cygnus it was ‘Our Winter of Events’!

    Come winter, and it’s time for events, conferences and exhibitions. With a plethora of events, conferences and exhibitions Cygnus team of specialist were traversing the country supporting our clients with a wide cross section of services. It was truly race against time for Team Cygnus at the Felicitation Ceremony for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) which was held on 2nd & 3rd February at Kolkata’s well known event destination Swabhumi. The mandate was ...View more

  • IIT Kharagpur Stall at Kolkata International Book Fair draws big crowd.

    Enter the IIT Kharagpur Stall at Kolkata International Book Fair and you are really in an island of Knowledge! The welcome gate in the shape of a smartphone makes a bold statement of the shape of things to come in the area of knowledge acquisition at the click of a mouse. A smartly designed central module manned by equally smart demonstrators explain how NDLI is already providing over 20 million contents! The Stall also displays the path-breaking work of SandHI, A Science-Culture and Trad...View more

  • Cygnus provides robust support to Symposium on Hospital Planning and Beyond

    At the behest of the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Cygnus took on the challenge of providing all the necessary support that such international seminars demand. The assignment included venue booking to venue décor and management of audio-visual requirements and guest felicitation to hospitality and ensuring prompt delivery of all abstract papers. On-time planning and resource management by the Event Management Team of Cygnus ear...View more

  • Cygnus takes on the challenges of end to end solution for ICCAR 2018

    It all started almost a year ago when Cygnus was asked to take on the task of managing the 2 nd International Conference on Antimicrobial Research which was held under the aegis of IIT Kharagpur. The task was daunting since it not only called for management of the communication which included building of special portals, totally dynamic in nature for Member Registration, Abstract Submission/Review/Approval, Payment Tracking, Announcement of schedules, accommodation and travel logistic...View more

  • Cygnus breaks the myth about distance at Vibrant Gujarat!

    For Team Cygnus it was time to allay the usual misconception of how much one can depend on vendor who is located at a distance of 2000 kilometres! It was time to reaffirm the team strength of Cygnus in terms of its design and logistic capabilities and resource management at an Exposition called ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019’ inaugurated by no less a man than the honourable Prime Minister of India. The venue was Vibrant Global Summit 2019 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Team Cygnus sprung in...View more

  • Cygnus now offers a new service – office décor!

    Today Cygnus is truly a one stop solution shop when it comes to communication related assignments. For any of us if the first impression is the lasting impression then the environment of an office or an institute is as important as its other forms of communication. Office décor here, plays a very important role and many a client of ours often has felt this need. Our recent assignment for the Continuing Education Centre, IIT Kharagpur in this aspect has given us the confidence to add this ser...View more

  • Nurturing our Culture with “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”

    Time and technology have narrowed down distances in terms of connect and communication. In an era that facilitates mobility and outreach, it is important to establish cultural exchanges between people of different regions, as a means to further human bonding and a common approach to nation-building. Mutual understanding and trust are the foundations of India's strength and all citizens should feel culturally integrated in all corners of India. IIT Kharagpur, a mini India within India where St...View more