Cygnus Makes TEDxXLRI true Virtual World

Sunday, February 12, was not yet another holiday, students of XLRI basking in the winter sun, hanging around. With a galaxy of young fireball entrepreneurs it was TEDxXLRI event at Jameshedpur. OOPS! Sorry! It was a non-stop seamless streaming of the Program for over 4 hours of the event made possible by Team Cygnus. Thus making it possible for hundreds of XLRIans or any netizen across the globe to view the program at real time!

If you think that the Live-Streaming entailed a huge band of technicians and cameramen with loads of equipment think again. YouTube Live-Streaming fed to an extremely bandwidth friendly resolution, from a single Sony Camcorder, which simultaneously recorded the event in Full HD. The entire Live-Streaming ran with ‘zero frame drop’ and extremely low latency.

So, next time you are proposing a Live-Streaming of any live program, call us. We will bring your world closer!

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