Digital & Social

Digital & Social Marketing to attract target group to your digital assets

We recognize digital and social media promotion as a logical extension of web development and social media presence. Unless your good looking and highly functional website or social platform reaches your target audience, it is not effective. With a dedicated team for web and social media promotion and marketing, we offer end to end solution which would ensure greater reach of your website and social platforms to the target viewers. The service offered by us is all-encompassing. For SEO we do in-site SEO, SEO friendly content writing, Link Building, Directory Submission, Site Map population, blogging, micro blogging Google Analytics, Google tolls for webmasters etc. The social media promotion initiative includes strategized social media profiling, Social media optimization, PPC Social media marketing, Creatives for social media, Social Media Posts. Search Engine Promotion and Social Media Promotion are ongoing processes. Thus we continue to experiment with different combinations to achieve the desired benefits, which often require change of strategy to retain the ranking. Based on clients customized requirement, we also undertake jobs like Email marketing, Referral marketing etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social Media Marketing