With Team SandHI, IIT Khargapur Cygnus spreads the Story of Swastika at SandHI exploratory exhibition

On Thursday, July 8, 2016, SandHI, a Science and Heritage Initiative of IIT Kharagpur sponsored by the MHRD, Government of India, inaugurated a 3-day Exploratory Exhibition named ‘SWASTIKA’ on the pattern and ideogram of the universal principle of sustainability, unique in its kind in recent times.

This many faceted exhibition of the colossus research and exploratory works by scores of professors, teachers and researchers from IIT Kharagpur was showcased through a multiple and myriad of mediums and dimensions. The 3-day exhibition which got wide publicity through, press, wire and electronic media was carefully planned and executed by Cygnus.

A giant ‘SWASTIKA’ Symbol made of fibre glass, bewitching floral rangoli in the form of the SWASTIKA, huge illuminated display panels awe struck visitors as they entered the 2-tier Arena of ICCR, at Kolkata. A commemorative Publication containing over 300 pages printed in multi-colour that was released on the occasion was a part of the assignment that Cygnus took on.

Weeks of planning and execution by Cygnus resulted in a huge stream of visitors which comprised academicians, scholars, researchers, students and general public at large.

A well–orchestrated team from Cygnus took charge of every aspect of the event from preparing the invitee list to decoration, lighting, execution and even hospitality.

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